Code of Practice Avoiding Danger from Overhead Lines

The draft revision of the ESB Network COP on Overhead Lines is now gone for public consultation. This Code of Practice (COP) has been prepared by ESB Networks with the assistance of the Health and Safety Authority.

The aim of this COP is to improve the level of safety of work near overhead electricity lines and, in doing so, to assist those who are involved in working in the vicinity of overhead electricity lines in avoiding the inherent dangers. The COP is intended to provide practical guidance to Clients, Designers, Planners, Project Supervisors (Design Process and Construction Stage), Contractors, Safety Representatives and any personnel who are involved in carrying out work where they are at risk from overhead electricity lines.

This COP gives recommendations and practical guidance on how to carry out work safely in the vicinity of overhead lines. The COP primarily covers construction related activities, which includes building and construction site works, road construction and resurfacing works, use of cranes, mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), concrete placing booms, lorry mounted cranes and other high reach plant, excavation equipment and the transporting of high loads by road.

The COP includes:

  • Dangers of working close to overhead electricity lines.
  • Role of the client / occupier
  • Role of the PSDP & Designers.
  • Role of the PSCS, the contractor, the employee and others.
  • Role of the electrical network owner/operator.
  • Construction site where an overhead electricity line presents a hazard.
  • Operating cranes and similar high reach plant near overhead electricity lines
  • Road strengthen and resurfacing works
  • Work on eircom telecommunication overhead services.
  • Transporting of high loads by road.

The draft revision is available at this link: The HSA requests that comments on the draft are submitted to before close of business on Wednesday, 18 April 2018. Could you all bring this to the attention of interested parties.

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