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10 Benefits of doing the IOSH Managing Safely course

Benefits of doing the IOSH Managing Safely course

The IOSH Managing Safely course is ever-popular amongst managers, team leaders, and supervisors. As a widely recognized qualification, it is well sought after by people of many different industries. However, in a busy world full of pressures on your time, why should the IOSH Managing Safely course be a priority? At ASM Group, our IOSH Managing Safely course is quite popular amongst industry professionals, and participants feel it is a course with many benefits. So here are our top ten benefits to completing the IOSH Managing Safely course.

1. It makes work safer

Perhaps the most important benefit, and a strong motivation for many to do the course, are the health and safety benefits. Employees can feel secure in knowing there is an excellent health and safety policy being implemented in their workplace. Managers and team leaders have been educated in the best ways to anticipate and therefore, preventing injuries and sickness. They know how to be proactive in minimizing workplace risks and hazards. This creates a happier, safer, and more productive workplace for everyone.

2. It is great for your career

The IOSH Managing Safely course is a real asset for anyone’s CV. In demand by employers, it is a qualification that provides a great introduction to the world of health and safety. IOSH is a globally-recognized brand in occupational health and safety, and therefore whatever your field, being able to list this course on your resume is a huge boost.

3. It maximises productivity

There is nothing more disruptive in the workplace than sickness. Employees will need time off and potentially employer support following any injuries or sickness that occurs through their job. If you are a manager hoping to meet productivity goals, it is logical for you to learn how to mitigate the risk of workplace illness and accident, through excellent health and safety procedures. Completion of this course will then enable you to meet your goals that much more efficiently.

4. It clarifies responsibility

As the manager or team leader, it is reassuring to have a full understanding of your role and responsibilities in the workplace. If you are qualified to identify workplace hazards, evaluate and reduce risks to your team, you can relax in knowing that you have the knowledge to fulfill your responsibility to everyone.

5. It explains health and safety legislation in the workplace

The IOSH Managing Safely course gives supervisors and team leaders a thorough understanding of health and safety legislation as it applies to their workplace. This ensures they can operate and comply with Irish health and safety law – a vital component to the running of any company.

6. It is a great use of time!

The IOSH Managing Safely course from ASM Group takes only three days. This high impact course delivers a huge amount in a very short space of time, so even those with the most packed schedules can sign up and enjoy its benefits.

7. It serves your community

Ensuring everyone from management to team members has a great knowledge of health and safety fulfils your corporate social responsibility to protect and serve the community of which you are part. When accidents happen in commercial spaces, the impact is felt by the surrounding community, and so equipping your management with the health and safety knowledge to create a safe working environment is a service to everyone.

8. It improves your confidence

Managers and team leaders can only operate successfully if they are confident. It is essential that they know their duties and responsibilities and feel sure that they know how to help their company operate as it should. Clear and expert training on health and safety can give them the confidence they need to run a safe and efficient workplace where everyone can thrive.

9. It is an internationally recognized qualification

IOSH – the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health – is an internationally recognized body that ensures excellence in health and safety standards across the world. Countries that recognize IOSH qualifications include the UK, UAE, Singapore, Oman, Qatar, and many others. IOSH members include around 47,000 individuals working in 130 countries. This is great news if you should choose to work abroad at any point, giving you a directly transferrable. And it’s great for your company too, if they have an international operation. IOSH is the largest health and safety membership operation in the world, so if you need a health and safety qualification, this is a great option.

10. It saves you money

In the long term, the IOSH Managing Safely course is a money saver, as it reduces the incidence of workplace accidents. Accidents are costly in terms of sick-pay, repairing any damage done, and hiring in extra help to cover for workers who are off sick. The situation could be much worse if there is any kind of legal question about health and safety – legal fees are extremely costly. By ensuring your management team have completed the IOSH Managing Safely course, you are mitigating the risks of workplace hazards, making the difficulty and expense of an incident far less likely. You are also ensuring your team have the knowledge to comply with health and safety legislation, to avoid any question of negligence lawsuits.

If you are working in a management role in Ireland, and are hoping to progress in your career, you should consider the ASM Group IOSH Managing Safely course. Likewise, if you are a company keen to ensure your team leaders are equipped to create a safe and legally sound workplace for everyone, then ASM Group can help. The IOSH Managing Safely course has myriad applications across all industries, and a huge number of benefits for employees and employers alike. ASM Group are specialist providers of health and safety training in Ireland. Our consultants deliver their expertise in national safety regulations compliance, risk assessment, and occupational safety at our training centres and online, as well as directly in the workplace. If you are searching for professional health and safety training or consultancy for your business or workplace, look to ASM Group. Our team of qualified consultants can provide a complete range of high quality services, from risk assessment and overseeing business compliance with health and safety regulations; to staff safety training in the workplace, on location, or for safe equipment use. Our training courses equip your colleagues with the knowledge to maintain these health and safety fundamentals without requiring external help. To get all the benefits of the IOSH Managing Safely course for your team, get in touch with ASM Group today.