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Abrasive Wheel Training: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

abrasive wheels

Abrasive Wheel training is designed to suit those who work with abrasive wheels. An abrasive wheel is a wheel that grinds, cuts or smooths materials, rotating at high speeds to do this effectively. This includes grinders commonly used in metalwork and on construction sites and training includes fixed and removable abrasive wheels.

Abrasive Wheel training is an essential legal requirement for anyone involved in working with abrasive wheels, and up to date training should be a priority for all employers. It is important that high quality training is maintained in order to protect the health and wellbeing of employees and ensure that they use abrasive wheels effectively and safely. 

What does Abrasive Wheel Training involve?

Abrasive Wheel training focuses on the safe and effective use of abrasive wheels, including safe storage, identifying abrasive wheels, selecting the most appropriate equipment for specific situations, inspecting and identifying damaged wheels, mounting an abrasive wheel and understanding the hazards and risks associated with using abrasive wheels.

This is a comprehensive training course that covers all of the essentials, and we prioritise the following: 

  • Knowing the regulations and legislation that governs safe use of abrasive wheels in the workplace
  • Being able to identify the hazards of working with abrasive wheels
  • Selecting the correct wheel for the job
  • Knowing how to correctly inspect and test abrasive wheels
  • Correct guarding of grinding and cutting operations
  • Correct dressing and truing of abrasive wheels
  • Learning the function of all components of the machinery, including flangers and blotters
  • Knowing the difference between grinding and cutting operations
  • Safe mounting of the abrasive wheel


Why do I need Abrasive Wheel Training?

 By law, if you are working with grinding machines, angle grinders, abrasive discs, cones or cylinders, you need to carry out Abrasive Wheel Training. This is for your own protection and that of your team members, since accidents involving abrasive wheels can be extremely dangerous and are usually caused by operator error or unsafe working practices.

Abrasive wheels are used in many industries, including construction, agriculture, automotive repair and maintenance and glass production and manufacturing. Carrying out risk assessments can be lifesaving, and those who use abrasive wheels should also be proficient in emergency procedures and maintaining a safe working environment.


Abrasive Wheel Training: Information for Employers

 As an employer, you are legally responsible for the safety and wellbeing of your employees. This means it is your responsibility to ensure they are fully trained and equipped for the work they are doing, especially if this involves high risk. This includes providing PPE and ensuring that your employees attend the relevant training courses for their high risk areas of work. You should also ensure that all equipment is correctly maintained and stored, and that safety information is clearly visible and accurate.

Our Abrasive Wheel Training is a short, practical training course that ensures all employees who work with abrasive wheels are appropriately trained in the correct procedures and essential safety protocol. Training should be renewed on a regular basis to ensure up to date knowledge and understanding.


Abrasive Wheel Training in Ireland

 Training in the correct protocol for working with abrasive wheels is an essential way to protect your health and safety and that of others in the workplace. Finding a course that works for you and your employer can be a challenge, and our training courses at ASM are designed to meet everyone’s needs. Our Abrasive Wheel course takes only half a day, and this includes assessment via written and practical tests.

At ASM, we believe in delivering top quality training that makes the workplace safer, empowering employees to manage their own health and safety at work. We look forward to discussing your training needs with you, so contact us for further information or to book your place on our Abrasive Wheel Training today.