Abrasive Wheel Training Course

About the Course

Course Duration: 1/2 day

This abrasive wheels training course is legally required for all those who are involved in the purchase & selection, storage & handling, mounting, dressing, and use of abrasive wheels. This includes either fixed (e.g. Bench grinders or polishers) or portable (e.g. angle grinders) abrasive wheels.

Target Audience

The course is intended for fitters and operators who use abrasive wheels, as defined in legislation.


ASM Group

Course Objectives

On completion of this training participants will be able to:

  • Safely store and identify abrasive wheels
  • Be able to select the appropriate wheel use
  • Be able to inspect and recognise damaged wheels
  • Be able to mount an abrasive wheel
  • Understand the hazards and risks when using abrasive wheels

Course Content

  • Abrasive wheels regulations
  • Identifying the hazards working with abrasive wheels
  • Selecting the correct wheel for the job
  • Inspection & testing of abrasive wheels
  • Guarding of grinding and cutting operations
  • Dressing and truing of abrasive wheels
  • Functions of components, flanges, blotters etc
  • Differences between grinding and cutting operations
  • Safe mounting of the abrasive wheel

Course Assessment

Written and practical test

Abrasive Wheel Training FAQ's

What is Abrasive Wheel training?

Abrasive Wheel training is an essential course for all of those involved with the purchase, selection, storage, handling, mounting and use of abrasive wheels. This includes both fixed and removeable abrasive wheels, so covers everything from bench grinders and polishers to angle grinders. It is a legal requirement and therefore should be prioritized by all of those in the relevant industries.

Why do Abrasive Wheel training?

As well as being a legal requirement, it is very important for those involved with using abrasive wheels to have the correct safety training to ensure their health and wellbeing. Our Abrasive Wheel training enables participants to use abrasive wheels effectively and safely. They will learn skills such as how to safely store and identify abrasive wheels; select the appropriate wheel to use; inspect and identify damaged wheels; mount an abrasive wheel; and understand the hazards and risks of using abrasive wheels.

What do you learn on an Abrasive Wheel training course?

The Abrasive Wheel training course covers everything participants need to know about working with abrasive wheels. This includes:

  • Knowing the regulations and legislation that governs safe use of abrasive wheels in the workplace
  • Being able to identify the hazards of working with abrasive wheels
  • Selecting the correct wheel for the job
  • Knowing how to correctly inspect and test abrasive wheels
  • Correct guarding of grinding and cutting operations
  • Correct dressing and truing of abrasive wheels
  • Learning the function of all components of the machinery, including flangers and blotters
  • Knowing the difference between grinding and cutting operations
  • Safe mounting of the abrasive wheel


How long does an Abrasive Wheel training course take?

The Abrasive Wheel course takes half a day, and is assessed by both a written and practical test.  


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