Client: Dell Technologies

Industry: Manufacturing

Description of project:

Dell Technologies – New Customer Solution Centre

  • Decommissioning and demolition of the existing plant rooms located at south side of the ground floor.
  • Demolition of the existing meeting room.
  • Demolition of a section of the existing data center partition walls to facilitate the creation of additional space and for the construction of a number of phone booth style meeting spaces.
  • The new CS Center will involve the following;
    1. Mechanical and electrical upgrades.
    2. New greeting and reception area.
    3. New tea station.
    4. New IOT / Display area.
    5. New breakout space.
    6. New meeting / multipurpose room.
    7. New phone booth type meeting spaces.
    8. New flooring
    9. Painting and decoration.

Industry: 750K

Description of project:

  1. Working in a busy manufacturing campus.
  2. Working adjacent to live workspaces.
  3. Working adjacent to a live building.
  4. Restricted working environment.

ASM approach to the management of those risks visa-vie the role we had.

  1. Project specific risks identified in Preliminary Plan.
  2. Engagement with the client during the design stage.
  3. Engagement with the design team
  4. Engagement with all key stake holders.

Outcome etc.

  1. Restricted delivery times ( in line with the operations of the Dell campus)
  2. Traffic management plan for the movement of construction vehicles into and out of the site, and adoption of one-way systems.
  3. Permitting system when working outside the footprint of the site.
  4. Erection of temporary hoarding and signage (temporary design)