Client: Tine

Industry: Dairy Industry

Description of project:

This project involved the building of a new TINE speciality cheese manufacturing facility which will make Jarlsberg cheese and will rely on milk products supplied directly from the adjacent Dairygold facility.

Tine Scope

  • Construction of a new cheese production building on a greenfield site.
  • Construction of new internal vehicle circulation routes, pedestrian walkways (footpaths) and parking areas.
  • New plant, underground and over ground distribution services network; new drainage and run-off control systems.
  • New tanks, bunds, vessels etc.
  • Boundary landscaping and associated earthworks.
  • Site works, services, external lighting and associated works.
  • Service tie-in works with the adjacent Dairygold facility.
  • Assembly, installation, testing and commissioning of process equipment.
  • Connections and reinstatement works on public roads to facilitate new utilities connections.
  • Road works on public roads to facilitate new entrances.

Industry: Approximately 70 Million

Description of project:

  • Working in close proximity to live existing facility.
  • Separate Dairygold project taking place at the same time adjacent to the Tine project.
  • Limited space for set up and laydown.
  • Fast track programme.
  • Large scale winter shutdown to get all necessary upgrades and tie ins complete.
  • Local residents in close proximity.
  • Managing multiple Equipment suppliers from outside of Ireland.

ASM approach to the management of those risks visa-vie the role we had.

  • Designated ASM Safety manager to deal with each project. Additional resourcing of the role during peak times on the project.
  • Co ordinated to arrange a combined compound & car parking for both projects.
  • Dairy co ordination meetings taking place on each project.
  • On going engagement with Client and design teams to co ordinate upcoming works.
  • Supported non- Irish companies / suppliers to get familiar with Irish H&S requirements.


  • 1. Dairygold plant remained fully operational and during this time completed a number of quality audits with overall positive outcomes.
  • 2. Tine on track to start commercial production by December 2019
  • 3. No serious accidents on the project, 1 reportable LTA which was a leg injury, all other incident where minor.
  • 4. Regular communication with local residents to ensure any issues raised we addressed and closed out