Client: University of Limerick

Industry: Educational

Description of project:

University of Limerick – GLISB Extension – Design and Build

This project involved the construction of 3 storey extension of the south side of the existing library in the University of Limerick. Works involved the construction and installation of a book retrieval system, special collection, exhibition spaces, study spaces, reading rooms, training room, welfare, and a moot court.

Industry: 10 Million

Description of project:

  • Working in a busy educational campus.
  • Working adjacent to a creche.
  • Working adjacent to a live building.
  • Restricted working environment.
  • ASM approach to the management of those risks visa-vie the role we had.

    • Project specific risks identified in Preliminary Plan.
    • Engagement with the client during the design stage.
    • Engagement with the design team
    • Engagement with all key stake holders.

    Outcome etc.

    • Restricted delivery times ( in line with peak creche and university rush hours)
    • Traffic management plan for the movement of construction vehicles into and out of the site, and adoption of one-way systems.
    • Permitting system when working outside the footprint of the site.
    • Erection of temporary hoarding and signage (temporary design)