Chemical Safety Awareness Training

About the Chemical Safety Training Course

Course Duration: 1/2 day

Each course is tailored to the needs of each organization by prior consultation with the client on the key chemicals being used on site and any current issues being encountered. The prior consultation allows the trainer to focus on specific elements during the presentation. 



Target Audience

This course is suitable for personnel who are required with all types of chemicals. It is applicable to persons working in general industry, construction and laboratories.


ASM Group



Course Objectives

Our Chemical Awareness Training course is designed to provide participants with a clear understanding of what chemicals are and thus the knowledge and skills to work safely with chemical agents within the Laboratory environment

Course Content

  • Health and Safety Legislation & Regulations associated with use of chemicals in the workplace.
  • Chemical Forms
  • Safe Handling
  • Routes Of Entry To The Body and health effects
  • Chemical Information Safety Data Sheets
  • Classification
  • Chemical Control Measures
  • Risk Assessment Process, Hierarchy Of Control Measures,
  • Administrative Control Measures
  • Accidents And First Aid
  • Chemical Disposal
  • PPE
  • Course review and Q&A

Course Assessment

Written Test X 2

Chemical Awareness Training FAQs

What is Chemical Awareness Training?

Our Chemical Awareness Training is a specially designed course uniquely tailored for each individual workplace. It provides employees with an important understanding of what chemicals are, and how to handle them safely. 

Why do Chemical Awareness Training?

Chemical Awareness Training is important for anyone working with chemical substances. Each course is tailored to each specific workplace, and it is applicable to anyone working in laboratories, industry and construction, who may need to interact with chemicals during the course of their employment. Chemical Awareness Training gives employees a set of skills vital to maintaining their health and safety while working with chemicals. It is also important for legal compliance to make sure all employees have a good knowledge of the legislation and regulations governing the use of chemicals in the workplace.

What do you learn during Chemical Awareness Training?

While each workplace will have specific requirements, everyone who attends can expect to learn:

  • Legal requirements for working with chemicals in the workplace – including legislation and regulations governing interaction with chemicals
  • Chemical forms and types
  • Potential routes of entry into the body
  • Chemical information safety data sheets
  • Classification of chemicals
  • Chemical control measures
  • The risk assessment process for managing chemicals
  • Administrative control measures
  • Managing accidents and administering first aid
  • Chemical disposal
  • PPE use

How long is the Chemical Awareness Training?

The Chemical Awareness Training course takes half a day. It is assessed via two written tests. Participants must be over the age of 16 and have a good level of English.

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