COVID 19 Compliance Officer Training

COVID 19 Compliance Officer Training

The nature of many businesses has been fundamentally challenged by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the government protocol details the changes that must be made in order to return to work. As part of the new protocol, each business must appoint a Covid-19 Response Management Team, who will work alongside the Covid-19 Worker Representative(s) within the business to manage the Covid-19 Response Plan and the way it is put into practice.

Your Covid-19 Response Management Team will include Compliance Officers, who are trained to monitor the workplace and daily activities to ensure that the health and safety of staff and the general public can be maintained in light of Covid-19. The nature of these roles makes them ideal for employees such as Health and Safety Representatives who are already in post and have a good knowledge of the facility and working practices, but will also involve developing specialist understanding of the way in which Covid-19 is spread, as well as how to manage the risk and ensure social distancing and hygiene protocols are followed.

Of course, all employees will need to take care to observe new protocols and protect their own health and safety at this time, particularly by cooperating with social distancing rules. The Covid-19 Compliance Officers, however, will take responsibility for ensuring compliance and making suggestions for improvements to the Response Plan, along with the Lead Worker Representative(s), and should be supported by management to this end.

What Will Compliance Officers Do?

Your Covid-19 Compliance Officers will be familiar with your Covid-19 Response Plan and be committed to delivering this in an effective way. You will require a back-up plan in case of illness or trained Compliance Officers leaving the business, and it will be important that your selected team and back up have good interpersonal skills and work well with others. Regular meetings will be required between the Site Management Team and the Covid-19 Response Management Team, in order to ensure that practices reflect any new government and HSE guidelines.

A Covid-19 Compliance Team should include a lead officer, who will coordinate all others with Compliance Officer responsibilities, and the size of the business will affect the total number of Compliance Officers required. The exact structure of your Response Management Team will depend upon the unique nature and size of your business, and we can help you to decide what is necessary within your workplace. The structure of your Team should be identified in your Covid-19 Response Plan and this will form the basis of your strategy. 

Your Covid-19 Response Plan

Your comprehensive Response Plan will instruct your staff in new protocols and explain the way in which your business will adapt to the threat of Covid-19. You must demonstrate that you will be able to ensure the safety of staff and customers with regard to Covid-19 when you re-open, and ASM can simplify this process for you. In line with a Workplace Design Practice and an Occupational Health Specialist, our experts can develop your company’s plan to ensure full compliance with the Government Return to Work Safely Protocol.

Funding is available from the Government to help businesses meet the costs of these new plans, and you can find out more about the Business Continuity Voucher from IDA, EI and LEOs here.

Go Back To Work Safely With ASM

Our expert team at ASM can help you to review your workplace and practices and prepare you for your return to work. Please contact ASM on 01 234 3724 / 021 2409072  or for Delivery of COVID 19 Compliance Officer Training. Bespoke courses available.

 All participants will receive a certificate of training attendance. 

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