Covid 19 Lead Worker Representative Training

COVID 19 Lead Worker Representative Training


As businesses begin to return to work during the COVID 19 pandemic, there are many new protocols and guidelines in circulation to assist employers operate during the pandemic. Here in Ireland, the government has laid out a strategy to ensure that the safety of staff and customers is a priority in every workplace, and our role at ASM is to help your business to assimilate the new protocols into your standard operating procedures in an effective way.


The new government protocol requires the appointment of Worker Representative(s) for Workplaces. These representatives will be charged with the responsibility of ensuring the C19 Plan is implemented, is adequate and is reviewed where necessary. ASM can provide training to workers taking on this role, to ensure full compliance with the safety rules. The training will be based on the Government Return to Work Safely Protocol and HSE Guidelines.


What Will a Covid-19 Lead Worker Representative Do?


Within a business, the Covid-19 Lead Worker Representative(s) will work closely with the employer’s Covid-19 Response Management Team, ensuring that safety measures are being followed correctly. The number of worker representatives required for each business will be dependent upon the size of the business, and these individuals must be trained to carry out the role effectively.


The opportunity to train as a Covid-19 Lead Worker Representative will include health and safety expertise, specific training on customer facing roles and new requirements, and relevant training in the return to work process, including Physical Distancing, Mental Health and Wellbeing, and First Aid Responder guidance. It will be crucial to develop a good understanding of the reporting requirements for Covid-19, advice on management of Covid-19 if a case develops, and information on Public Health and Occupational Health and Safety. This role will also require a level of flexibility since the nature of it is likely to evolve as the pandemic develops and further scientific research influences protocols.


How to Implement Covid-19 Protocols at Work


ASM have partnered with a Workplace Design Practice and an Occupational Health Specialist to create a Covid-19 Response Plan that is tailored to your business, including the appointment and training of your Covid-19 Lead Worker Representative(s). Plans will be developed in line with the Government Return to Work Safely Protocol.


Funding is available from the Government to help businesses meet the costs of these new plans, and you can find out more about the Business Continuity Voucher from IDA, EI and LEOs here.


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If you need assistance to review your workplace and practices to ensure that your plans are compliant with requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. For delivery of Lead Worker Representative traning contact ASM on 01 234 3724 / 021 2409072  or 


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