IOSH vs NEBOSH: The key differences

IOSH and NEBOSH are health and safety training courses that are recognised as essential for those in the occupational safety and health industry. They are widely recognised courses that cover health and safety fundamentals to improve the risk assessment process and maintain safety in the workplace. IOSH offers a way to complete a short, effective training course in health and safety and NEBOSH courses usually take longer to complete.

IOSH is the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, the biggest health and safety body in the world. It is a high quality training provider which offers two courses, IOSH Managing Safely, aimed at managers and supervisors, and IOSH Working Safely, which is ideal for non-health and safety personnel. IOSH is a Chartered body, while NEBOSH is an examination body.

NEBOSH is the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, offering examinations for health and safety professionals wanting to qualify in the industry. NEBOSH courses are delivered by other institutions, not NEBOSH itself, and they usually focus on general health and safety principles, fire safety and safety risks in the gas and oil industry.

IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH Managing Safely courses are suited to those with supervisory roles in the workplace, to give managers and supervisors an understanding of their safety responsibilities and overall workplace safety. It is an excellent option for those working in or considering health and safety management, and other health and safety professionals.

IOSH Working Safely

The IOSH Working Safely course is designed for non-health and safety professionals, to give them a basic understanding of health and safety and practical skills. This can be completed in one day.

NEBOSH National General Certificate

The NEBOSH National General Certificate is a requirement to work in the health and safety industry in the UK, while the NEBOSH International General Certificate focuses on international health and safety practices and is internationally recognised.

NEBOSH National General Certificate vs IOSH Managing Safely: Which is right for you?

Some companies prefer both IOSH membership and NEBOSH training, so it is worth finding out if this applies to your employer before making a decision. IOSH courses are often more in demand in Ireland, so this may be the best health and safety training option for you.

Is IOSH Recognised in the Health and Safety Profession?

The IOSH course is internationally recognised and assures a certain level of knowledge that is required by many employers. IOSH is a chartered body that offers training and certification, as well as membership. IOSH membership is an asset when you are applying for a role in health and safety management.

Q: Have you Already Completed Training in Occupational Safety?

If you work in health and safety management or in the health and safety industry, you will want to stay up to date with your health and safety training. IOSH courses are ideal for this purpose, ensuring your training is current and relevant to your workplace. NEBOSH training courses tend to be longer and offer more detailed training in risk management for particular health and safety roles.

Which Is Better: NEBOSH or IOSH?

Whether to opt for NEBOSH or IOSH is a decision determined by the type of health and safety role you work in or plan to work in. The IOSH is better for managers and regular personnel, while the NEBOSH may be ideal for those in or seeking careers in the health and safety industry. Both are valuable and worthwhile training courses, but many companies in Ireland tend to prefer the IOSH courses, and you can get started today.

IOSH courses in Ireland

ASM Groups offer IOSH Managing Safely training courses for all employees who are required to manage risks and resources in the workplace. Our comprehensive course is designed to give you the knowledge you need to create a safe and healthy working environment. This training course takes place over three days and we recommend renewal every three years to ensure you are fully up to date.