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Everything you need to know about IOSH Managing Safely in Ireland

Everything you need to know about IOSH Managing Safely in Ireland

A Guide to IOSH Managing Safely

If your job role involves managing a team, you’ll know how busy and potentially stressful day to day operations can be. Having strong and safe foundations for your working practices is key to running a secure and successful business.

Managers and companies in Ireland have a responsibility towards their workforce to ensure that health and safety best practice is ingrained in their workplace. But what is the best way for managers to guarantee that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to create a working environment with a strong health and safety ethos?

At ASM Group, we are providers of first rate health and safety education. Our courses are run by our team of friendly experts, who can guide you through the technicalities of health and safety legislation, making sure you learn what you need to learn. Here is our guide to the IOSH Managing Safely course.


What is IOSH?

IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. It is the world’s largest health and safety membership body. With 44,000 members in 99 countries, IOSH is committed to ensuring that global work practices are safe, healthy and sustainable.


What is the IOSH Managing Safely course?

The IOSH Managing Safely course delivers practical step-by-step guidance on embedding safety and health throughout your entire organisation. With a sharp business focus that’s hands-on and jargon-free, the IOSH Managing Safely course is the essential tool for those in a management position to ensure they are ticking all the right health and safety boxes and creating a safe working environment.

The course is a short occupational safety course intended to equip managers to maintain compliance with health and safety rules as well as their organisation’s policies. It educates managers and supervisors on health and safety best practice, with the aim of giving them the tools to perform their health and safety duties effectively.


Who is the IOSH Managing Safely course for?

The Managing Safely course is aimed at managers, team leaders and supervisors, giving them the knowledge and skills to manage health and safety within their teams.


Why do the IOSH Managing Safely course?

The IOSH Managing Safely course is an asset for any professional working in a management role. As well as enabling managers to conduct their lawful health and safety responsibilities, the qualification encourages confidence both in managers and workforce, knowing their workplace is a safe environment. The course can help decrease the likelihood of workplace accidents, which are distressing as well as costly to a company. A healthier workplace is a happier workplace, and IOSH Managing Safely plays a key role in helping create this.


What are the benefits of doing the IOSH Managing Safely course?

There are many benefits to doing the IOSH Managing Safely course. If you are required to manage risk and resources in the workplace, the course will help you do this in a safe and professional manner. The course improves confidence and professionalism, enabling managers to feel well informed and knowledgeable about their responsibilities and legal obligations. This health and safety knowledge will have a wider positive impact on your workplace, filling employees with confidence that they work in a caring and safe environment. The IOSH Managing Safely course is also a huge asset to anyone’s CV.


Is IOSH Managing Safely a professional qualification?

IOSH is the Chartered body for health and safety professionals. Their qualifications are recognised as professional standard certifications and are a real asset to any company or individual wishing to improve their CV.


What does IOSH Managing Safely cover?

IOSH Managing Safely covers responsibilities for health and safety, hazard identification, assessing and controlling risks, accident investigation and measuring performance. Those who take part in the course will learn a broad spectrum of techniques for managing health and safety in the workplace. They will learn to apply management principles to health and safety issues, in order to create a safety management system. They will set achievable health and safety objectives, and analyse how they can achieve those objectives. They will assess risks and hazards associated with their workplace, consider how best to manage those risks through risk assessment, and recommend suitable control measures. They will be given an understanding of their responsibilities as manager, including how to ensure that adequate information, training and supervision is given to employees. They will also learn how to deal with an incident should it occur, how to investigate an accident, determine the causes, take the appropriate actions, and measure health and safety performance.


How long does the IOSH Managing Safely course last?

The IOSH Managing Safely course lasts three days.


What requirements are there to do the IOSH Managing Safely course?

Participants are required to have a good level of English in order to complete the course assessments, which include a multiple choice exam and a risk assessment project.


How long will my IOSH Managing Safely qualification be valid for?

The IOSH Managing Safely certificate doesn’t expire, but it is recommended that you renew your training every three years by doing an IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Course, to ensure you are up to date and refresh your knowledge fully.


How much is a IOSH Managing Safely course in Ireland?

The IOSH Managing Safely course as delivered by ASM Group costs €590 per person.


Can IOSH Managing Safely be done online?

The IOSH Managing Safely course can be completed either in person or online. Both ways of learning have their advantages and disadvantages. Online learning makes important safety information more accessible to all, while in-person demonstrations of health and safety techniques can be easier to learn from. At ASM Group we are pleased to provide both methods of training.


Is the IOSH Managing Safely course difficult?

The course is delivered in easy-to-understand jargon-free language by our team of friendly professionals. While some concepts are necessarily more complex, it is the job of ASM’s professional instructors to guide all course participants through the information and find approachable ways to help everyone understand. Our course leaders are experienced in helping those who are finding the course more challenging, and providing the support participants need to ensure their success. Although some may find the course more difficult, we break down each subject into easily digestible chunks and are ready to help in whatever way participants need – no-one will go away from the course feeling that they don’t understand.


What jobs can I get with IOSH Managing Safely?

While IOSH Managing Safely isn’t a direct qualification for a specific job, it is a very useful qualification for anyone who is hoping to work in a management position. Employers will be reassured to know you already have the knowledge to implement health and safety best practice in the workplace, a vital part of any management role.

IOSH Managing Safely is a great tool for furthering continuous professional development, and is not only an asset to a CV, it also empowers you to fulfil your role effectively and with confidence.


Are you looking for health and safety training in Ireland?

If you are looking for health and safety training in Ireland, look to ASM Group. As leading providers of essential courses across the construction industries, we can ensure that your team are fully prepared for the challenges of their working environment. Our health and safety courses are renowned for their easy-to-understand efficacy. Whether you are an individual looking to attend a training session, or a company hoping to run a course for your team, we can help. Get in touch with ASM Group today.