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Fire & Emergency Response Courses

Fire & Emergency Response Training

ASM Group provide a range of fire and emergency response training courses. Organisations are legally obliged to ensure their locations are prepared to deal with emergency situations including fire along with the safe evacuation of employees.

Our Fire & Emergency Response Courses Include:

Fire Warden Training

This fire warden training course is designed for personnel who have the responsibility of fire safety and fire safety provisions in the workplace as required under current health and safety legislation.

Fire Safety Awareness Training

This training course is designed to provide staff with the minimum standard of training required to deal with a fire emergency in the workplace.

Chemical Safety

Each course is tailored to the needs of individual organisations by consulting with the client on current issues prior to delivery of the course.

Face Fit Testing

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is a particular type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), used to protect the individual wearer against the inhalation of hazardous substances in the workplace air.