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How to Prepare for the IOSH Managing Safely Exam [Ireland]

How to Prepare for the IOSH Managing Safely Exam

If you are undertaking the IOSH Managing Safely course, you might be wondering about the best ways to prepare for the final exam, and ace your new qualification. Here’s our full guide to what to expect from the exam, and what you need to do to pass.

What is the IOSH Managing Safely qualification?

The IOSH Managing Safely qualification is a health and safety accreditation that is recognised worldwide. Seen as a gold standard in health and safety education, this is a tried, tested and trusted way to ensure a culture of safety awareness in your organisation. Designed to equip you with excellent health and safety knowledge, and the confidence to apply that knowledge in the workplace, the IOSH Managing Safely qualification is a key training for everyone who wants to learn the basics of safety and health.


How is IOSH Managing Safely assessed?

The exam is structured in two parts. The first section is a multiple choice exam paper, which aims to cover the different areas you have studied during the course. This section includes 30 questions, and you will have 45 minutes to complete it. The second part of the assessment takes the form of a risk assessment project. Here you will have to complete a risk assessment form for a given scenario, and it is a chance to put into practice all that you have learnt during the course. The risk assessment involves identifying and risk assessing four hazards in relation to the participant’s workplace. This is completed after you have finished the course and is required to be submitted within two weeks of the course completion date.


Is the IOSH Managing Safely exam difficult?

The IOSH Managing Safely exam is based on what you will have learned during the course. Our course tutors are assiduous in ensuring each learner has the support they need to understand every topic, and so you should be going into the exam really well prepared. The exam is designed to test your learning, but there are no trick questions, you are simply required to share your health and safety knowledge. During the course, you will have covered everything you will be tested on under expert guidance, so there is really no need to feel nervous – it isn’t a hard exam if you are prepared. Although any exam is a challenge, this is a qualification that is aimed at entry level learners, and navigating the dangers of every day life will have equipped you well to sit this exam!


What is the pass mark for IOSH Managing Safely?

In order to pass the IOSH exam, you are required to get a mark of at least 36 out of 60.


IOSH Managing Safely sample exam questions:

Q1. Think about reducing risk in terms of likelihood and consequence. Which statement is correct? (Select one answer only from the following.)

  1. a) You should only look at reducing the consequence of the hazardous event
  2. b) Reducing the likelihood of the hazardous event happening will reduce the risk
  3. c) Reducing both the likelihood and consequence will have no effect on reducing the risk
  4. d) It is always possible to reduce risk to zero


Q2) Which two of the following are true?

  1. a) If your work brings you into contact with the public, you are at a lower risk of attack
  2. b) Manual handling activities are a major cause of musculoskeletal disorders
  3. c) A fire can be started when only oxygen and heat are present
  4. d) Falls from height are the most common cause of fatal injury


The answers to these sample questions are: Q1 – b. Q2 – b, d.

Good luck!