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IOSH Approved Courses

IOSH Courses

ASM Group is delighted to be in position to offer recognised IOSH approved training programmes. The courses will provide you with an enhanced knowledge and skill in the management of health and safety in the workplace. The courses are quality assured by IOSH and are recognised worldwide.

Our IOSH Approved Courses Include:

IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH Managing Safely is intended for those required to manage safely and effectively in compliance with both their organisation’s policy and best practice in health and safety.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher

The IOSH Managing Safely refresher one day course is designed to provide ongoing guidance to managers in dealing with health and safety in their respective workplaces.

IOSH Safety Health and Environment for Construction Site Managers

IOSH Safety, Health & Environment for Construction Site Managers, is aimed at personnel who oversees or manages Safety, Health and Environmental risks associated with any construction activities.

IOSH Safety Health and Environment for Construction Site Managers Refresher

IOSH Safety, Health & Environment for Construction Site Managers Refresher, is aimed at personnel who oversees or manages Safety, Health and Environmental risks associated with any construction activities and have previosuly taken the course before.

IOSH Design & Management Regulations – Duties of Clients, Designers and PSDP

This course covers the duties of the Client, Designers and Project Supervisor for the Design Process.

IOSH Design & Management Regulations – Duties of PSCS & Contractors

This course covers the duties of the Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage and Contractors.

IOSH Supervisor Construction Safety

The IOSH Supervisor Construction Safety one day course is an interactive training course which is designed to give those who are construction site supervisors or those who intend to act as construction site supervisors an understanding of the role and responsibilities of the site supervisor and employees, in compliance with Health and Safety legislation.

Frequently Asked Questions

IOSH offers a comprehensive suite of occupational safety and health courses which are designed for individuals within all industry sectors who require a basic knowledge of health and safety. Studying with IOSH is also the first step on the route towards CMIOSH.

As the Chartered body for the profession, IOSH members are internationally recognised as the benchmark for professional excellence in occupational safety and health. Employers look for IOSH members in recruiting and promoting their safety and health professionals because they know our members embody the highest OSH standards. As an IOSH member, you will get regular access to the latest news and updates, as well as the chance to attend a wide range of seminars, webinars, and conferences to help you stay ahead.

You can complete an online application form on the IOSH website.

You do not need to supply your own study materials for your IOSH course as you will be provided with the appropriate learning materials prior to the course commencement date.

IOSH require delegates to attend training courses in full to achieve certification for the course.

IOSH course that have a post course assignment are required to be e-mailed with in ten working days following completion of the final day of the course. Assignments to be emailed to assessments@asmgroup.ie

Course assessment correction will be completed within 2 months following completion of your course.

We will notify you directly and we can offer you a retake of the assessment as part of the next available course.

ASM Group tutors are available to provide additional support to attendees who may require direction or guidance in retaking an assessment

A hard copy of your certificate will be emailed to you within 12 weeks after the course.

There is no expiry date on an IOSH certificate, however IOSH do recommend that you take a refresher course every three years to keep your knowledge up to date.

The following process will apply:
  • ASM will provide you with a copy of the assessment paper.
  • ASM will request that you write to IOSH, enclosing the end assessment paperwork, explaining the grounds for the request.
  • IOSH will moderate (or re-moderate) the assessment paper; and
  • IOSH will advise ASM and you in writing of its decision, within ten working days of receiving the assessment paper.
  • IOSH’s decision is final in the appeals process.

ASM Group treat any complaint we receive seriously. Course attendees should email contact@asmgroup.ie providing the full details of the nature of their complaint. ASM Group will investigate the complaint and follow up within five working days. ASM Group will endeavour to reach an amicable solution to any complaint we receive.

Course attendees should contact our offices prior to the course delivery date to discuss any physical or learning disability. ASM Group will discuss and agree with the course attendee on the best means of accommodating them to successfully participate and complete the course.

Participants are required to bring their photo ID to the training. In the case of virtual training, participants are also required to ensure they have a working webcam and microphone.