IOSH Managing Safely

About the IOSH Managing Safely Course

Course Duration: 3 Days

IOSH Managing Safely is intended for those required to manage safely and effectively in compliance with both their organisation’s policy and best practices in health and safety. Our IOSH Managing Safely course is a high impact interactive safety training course covering the health and safety management for managers and supervisors in any organisation. The Managing Safely IOSH course is designed to provide managers with the knowledge to enable perform their occupational health and safety duties in the workplace and manage their health and safety duties effectively in whole organisation.

Target Audience

Employees in an organisation who are required by practical ability to manage risk and resources in the workplace.


IOSH Managing Safely Certificate on successful completion of the course



Course Objectives

On completion of this training participants will be able to:

  • Apply basic management principles and practices to safety and health issues as part of a safety management system

  • Set achievable safety and health objectives and plan and implement actions to achieve those objectives

  • Recognise safety and health hazards present in the workplace

  • Perform and record basic assessments of the risks associated with workplace hazards, and recommend suitable control measures to be implemented

  • Take account of risks arising from ergonomic factors

  • Ensure that adequate information, training and supervision is provided to employees in the workplace

  • Investigate an accident or incident involving injury or damage to determine the causes and take appropriate actions.

Course Content

  • Introducing Managing Safely

  • Assessing Risks

  • Controlling Risks

  • Understanding your Responsibilities

  • Identifying Hazards

  • Investigating Accidents and Incidents

  • Measuring Performance

Course Assessment

  • Multiple-choice exam

  • Risk assessment project

Additional Course Requirements

  • Have a good level of English


What is an IOSH Managing Safely course?

The course is a short occupational safety course intended to equip managers to maintain compliance with health and safety rules as well as their organisation’s policies. It educates managers and supervisors on health and safety best practice, with the aim of giving them the the tools required to perform their health and safety duties effectively.


Why do this course?

If you are required to to manage health, risk and resources in the workplace, you should do an Managing Safely course. This will equip you to undertake health and safety responsibilities in a well informed manner, keeping within official guidelines, understanding safety legislation and looking after the health and safety of your colleagues.


What do you learn on the course?

Those who take part in an the course will learn a broad spectrum of techniques for managing health and safety in the workplace. They will learn to apply management principles to health and safety issues, in order to create a full safety and health responsibilities and management system. They will set achievable health and safety objectives, and analyse how they can achieve those objectives. They will assess risks and hazards associated with their workplace, consider how best to manage those risks through risk assessment, and recommend suitable control measures. They will be given an understanding of their responsibilities as manager, including how to ensure that adequate information, training and supervision is given to employees. They will also learn how to deal with an incident should it occur, how to investigate an accident, determine the causes, take the appropriate actions, and measure health and safety performance.


How long does an IOSH Managing Safely course take?

The course takes three days, and there are spaces for 15 participants.

Participants are required to have a good level of English in order to successfully complete the course assessments, which include a multiple choice exam and a risk assessment project.


How long does the IOSH Managing Safely certificate last?

The IOSH Managing Safely certificate doesn’t expire, but it is recommended that you renew every three years, to ensure you are up to date and refresh your knowledge fully. 


Is the IOSH Managing Safely course worth it?

The IOSH Managing Safely course provides a comprehensive framework for professionals looking after the health and safety of themselves and their colleagues in the workplace. It can potentially play a vital role in equipping managers with the knowledge required to provide a safe and healthy working environment – and many would consider this to be hugely valuable and fundamentally important. Additionally, employers often find that this course improves the confidence of their managerial staff, encourages continuous professional development, and ensures full knowledge of all legal compliance measures required for their business.

Is the IOSH Managing Safely course difficult?

While the IOSH Managing Safely course approaches complex topics, the point of the course is to empower professionals with all the skills basic understanding and knowledge they need to feel at home in dealing with these topics. Our course leaders are experienced in helping those who are finding the course more challenging, and providing the support participants need to ensure their success. Although some may find the course more difficult, we break down each subject into easily digestible chunks and are ready to help in whatever way participants need – no-one will go away from the course feeling that they don’t understand.

Is IOSH Managing safely a recognised qualification?

IOSH Managing Safely is a well-recognized health and environmental management and safety qualification. IOSH is the largest membership body for health and safety professionals, and their health and safety courses are established as a gold standard for continuous professional development.

How much does the IOSH managing safely course cost in Ireland?

The IOSH Managing Safely course costs €590.

What are the benefits of completing the IOSH Managing Safely course?

There are many benefits to completing the course. It is an excellent tool for furthering continuous professional development, and for building confidence within the workforce. It reduces the risks of accidents and emergencies that compromise workers wellbeing as well as business efficiency. It equips managers to manage safely flexibility to fulfil their role effectively, and helps organisations comply with health and safety legislation by ensuring supervisors are aware of the rules they need to follow. Fundamentally it helps create a safer, happier, and healthier workplace.

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