Preparation of COVID 19 Business Response Plan

COVID 19 Business Response Plan

The COVID 19 pandemic has had a significant impact on Irish society and on the Irish economy. As we navigate our way through the pandemic, it is clear that the Irish Government and Irish people have stepped up to work together in fighting this disease. At present, we are all negotiating the intended opening up of society and workplaces proposed by the Irish Government. Businesses wishing to reopen will have to adhere to strict COVID 19 mitigation measures, and these measures must be detailed in a ‘COVID19 Business Response Plan’. At ASM, we have been working with several businesses in the development of these plans. If you would like us to assist you with your plan, please do not hesitate to contact us.


What is a Response Plan?

A response plan is designed to identify the way in which a company intends to ensure the safety of staff and the public with regard to Covid-19. It should include information and guidance about the virus, including what we know about how it spreads and how the company intends to address the increased risk, with regard to the company activities. You will need to appoint and provide details of your Covid-19 Response Management Team, and your Covid-19 Worker Representatives, who are appointed to monitor the way the plan is put into practice.

Within your response plan, you will need to explain how you will consult with staff and communicate new practices to them, including Employee Covid-19 Induction Training, and detail preventative measures that are being put into place. Primarily, your response plan will lay out the changes that will be required in your workplace, as well as procedures for travel and deliveries, and special arrangements for activities where close contact cannot be avoided or where first aid is required. If you will require PPE, this should be discussed, and you should also include relevant information for employees who are working from home and explain how you will protect mental health and wellbeing. You will also need to update your risk assessments and safety statements to reflect the Response Plan.


Your Response Plan Made Easy

ASM can prepare a plan which will work your business. We will work with your management team and design solutions that will work for your organization. We have partnered with a Workplace Design Practice and an Occupational Health Specialist should individual clients required drawings and advise of occupational health. The Government has produced a Return to Work Safely Protocol to guide employers and workers, and we will work closely within this framework to ensure that your business complies with the new guidance.

Funding is available from the Government to help businesses meet the costs of these new plans, and you can find out more about the Business Continuity Voucher from IDA, EI and LEOs, CLICK HERE.


Return To Work Confidently With ASM

If you need assistance to review your workplace and practices to ensure that your plans are compliant with requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact ASM on 01 234 3724 or 021 240 9072  or

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