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The top ten benefits of learning First Aid

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While first aid training can be seen as a mandatory box to be ticked, there are many benefits to learning first aid. Whether you’ve been sent on a workplace course, or you’re simply interested in improving your life skills, first aid is a universally useful tool that has many applications.

At ASM Group, our team of training experts deliver first aid training of the highest quality. We believe it is vitally important to share essential first aid knowledge as widely as possible. Whether you are new to first aid, or it’s been a while since your initial training, ASM can provide the course you need to feel confident in your first aid skills. Here are our top ten benefits of learning first aid:

1. First aid saves lives

If you’re feeling bogged down by box ticking, it’s easy to lose sight of the number one reason we learn first aid: it saves lives. In the fast paced rush of everyday living, it’s comforting to think that accidents only happen to other people, but the truth is accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere, to anyone. First aid training can make all the difference in a life-and-death situation. If you find yourself in the midst of an accident, or someone around you has a medical emergency, you need to be equipped with the knowledge of what to do. A Red Cross survey showed that a shocking 59% of accidental deaths would have been preventable if the correct first aid had been administered before the emergency services had arrived.

2. First aid prevents further injuries

The impacts of an accident can be really long lasting, but once again, correct first aid procedures create the best possible scenario for the patient. Knowing not to move someone, or how to immediately relieve pain without making burn injuries worse, is vital knowledge for someone on the spot at the scene of an accident. Moving someone with a back injury, or covering a burn with the wrong material, risks making the initial injuries much worse.

3. First aid reduces recovery times

As well as preventing further injury, correctly administered first aid can reduce the overall recovery time. By treating wounds immediately, healing can be greatly improved, infection chances lessened, and patient deterioration prevented. First aid can keep the patient in the best possible state until the emergency services arrive.

4. First aid improves comfort

There is nothing worse than seeing someone else in pain and being unable to help them. First aid training will equip you with the knowledge and skills to provide the best possible comfort for a casualty while waiting for help. Knowing if it is ok to move the patient away from the source of pain or administer pain relief is a key part of first aid training.

5. First aid boosts confidence

If you know that you and your workmates have all had the necessary first aid training, it will boost the confidence of your whole workplace. It’s good to know that you work in a safe place, and for an employer who cares about your health and wellbeing. Health and safety being taken seriously should be an important consideration when choosing your place of work, and knowing first aid training is available is a vital part of creating a healthy, happy work environment.

6. First aid increases awareness of risks

When you complete your first aid training, you’ll find you become more aware of any potential risks in your environment. This awareness can be really useful in preventing accidents before they even happen. Those who are trained to do this automatic risk assessment will help mitigate the risks, making accidents much less likely.

7. First aid promotes teamwork

If an emergency arises, it’s great to know you are part of a team who will all pitch in to make things ok. First aid training promotes this sense of teamwork, helping you and your colleagues work together to find the best solutions to challenging situations.

8. First aid is vital in emergencies

There’s no getting away from it, first aid is essential. When you find yourself in an emergency, you don’t want to feel helpless and unable to ease the situation. Not only could first aid make all the difference to the survival and comfort of someone you care about, but it ensures you can remain in control of a situation and able to do what needs to be done.

9. First aid reduces anxiety

Knowing you are fully equipped with first aid knowledge can really help ease any anxiety you are feeling. It is empowering and reassuring to know that you are equal to the challenges you may face in the workplace. Perhaps you are struggling with certain machines in your workplace, or feel nervous about a particular aspect of your job. Arming yourself with the right health and safety knowledge is a great way to combat these fears and ensure you are doing everything you can to stay safe.

10. First aid improves safety

First aid, although just one aspect of health and safety in the workplace, improves the overall safety of your working environment. Whether you are in a higher risk setting, such as an industrial factory or building site; or somewhere that seems relatively low risk, such as an office, first aid is a key factor for promoting a happy and healthy workplace.

From heart attacks and strokes, to slips and falls, accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere. Make sure you are able to meet the demands of any scenario by keeping up to date with your first aid training.

Are you looking for first aid training in Ireland?

ASM Group are providers of friendly, accessible, and comprehensive first aid and safety training courses in Ireland. Our team of health and safety experts deliver training courses both in person and online, and we can tailor our training packages to the precise needs of you, your staff, and your business. Our consultants deliver their expertise in national safety regulations compliance, risk assessment, and occupational safety at our training centres, as well as directly in the workplace.

First Aid training courses with ASM

Our First Aid Responder Beginner course is perfect for those who are new to first aid. On completion of this course, the First Aid Responder will be equipped with the necessary practical skills, knowledge, and confidence to give effective life support, diagnose and treat injuries or illness, and maintain the care and comfort of a patient until the arrival of emergency medical services. This course also includes training in the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and the skills necessary to perform Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

For those who have previously completed a first aid training, we can provide a First Aid Responder Refresher course, to ensure your knowledge stays relevant. First aid training needs to be refreshed every two years.

ASM Group has a dedicated pool of experienced instructors who are passionate about training delivery and are skilled in engaging our participants to ensure they attain the best possible benefits from the training they have received.

If you are looking for first aid training in Ireland, get in touch with ASM Group today.