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IOSH Supervisor Construction Safety

1Day IOSH Supervisor Construction Safety

Course Syllabus

The IOSH Supervisor Construction Safety one day course is an interactive training course which is designed to give those who are construction site supervisors or those who intend to act as construction site supervisors an understanding of the role and responsibilities of the site supervisor and employees, in compliance with Health and Safety legislation.

Minimum guided learning hours 7.5 hours’ learning and 30 minutes for the assessment.

Those who are acting in the role of Construction site supervisor or those who wish to carry out the role of Construction site supervisor in the future and have some basic knowledge of site safety.

IOSH certification awarded on successful completion of the course

  1. To give learners understanding of construction workplace responsibilities.
  2. To give participants knowledge and understanding of the role of the site supervisor and employees in compliance with the regulatory statutory provisions.
  1. Understand the duties of Site supervisor and employees
  2. Understand the requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act and subservient regulations, as they apply to construction and the role of the site supervisor.
  3. Be able to list construction hazards and review risk assessments related to construction hazards;
  4. Understand the importance of planning, monitoring and management of construction work
  5. Be able to practically implement learning on areas such as temporary works, people and plant segregation and working at height in completion of the role of site supervisory
  • Legislation (1) (2)
  • Role of Site Supervisor (1)
  • Risk Assessment & Hazard Identification (2) (3)
  • Planning to work (4)
  • Monitoring (4)
  • Management & Leadership (4)
  • Introduction to Behaviour Based Safety (4) (5)
  • Construction Hazards (3) (5)
  • Working at Height (3) (5)
  • Plant & Machinery (3) (5)
  • Live energies (3) (5)
  • Excavation / Temporary Works (3) (5)
  • Plant & People Segregation (3) (5)
  • Occupational health (3) (5)
  • Assessment (1-5)

Written assessment, 15 questions, 30 minutes to complete. Pass mark 12/15

2 different copies of written exam

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