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Permit to Work Training Course

About the Course

Duration: 1/2 day

Permits to Work is necessary for high- risk activities and in particular for activities where existing safety procedures may be compromised by the nature of the work

This Permit to Work Course is designed for anyone who will be creating and issuing permits, as well as those who will supervise or carry out the work covered by a permit.

ASM Group

On completion of this training participants will be able to:

  • Determine the types of work may require a permit to work
  • Highlight who is responsible for preparing and issuing permits
  • Detail the information to be included in a permit to work system
  • Understand what must be in place before, during and after permit to work situations
  • Introduction to permit to work systems
  • Creating a permit to work system in the workplace
  • Permit to work in practice – example and case studies

Multiple Choice Questions

Have a good level of English

What do you learn on a Permit to Work training course?
Our Permit to Work training course will train participants to:

  • Identify situations where a permit may be required
  • Detail the information needed for a permit
  • Know who is responsible, within their workplace, for issuing permits
  • Understand how to create a permit to work system in their workplace
  • Have a good working knowledge of permit to work systems in practice, through our use of case studies

How long does a Permit to Work training course take?

The Permit to Work training course takes half a day, and is assessed through a multiple choice test. The course requires participants to have a good level of English.

Got a question about this course?

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