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Self Leadership Training

About the Course

Course Duration: Four, one-hour sessions delivered weekly over four weeks. This is a follow-on course from Mental Health and Well-Being.

A personal journey towards self-leadership. This innovative course will show you new ways to think about goals and how to achieve them, it will enable you to experience success and create meaningful change in your personal life, family, and workplace.

Leadership is not for a select few, we are all leaders in some way, in our homes, communities and places of work. This programme is for those wishing to stay ahead of the rapidly accelerated change curve, explore their strengths and remain adaptable so that they and those around them thrive.

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On completion of this training participants will be able to:

  • Make better more informed decisions.
    Recognise obstacles to change.
  • Manage others with integrity to produce better outcomes – including children/teenagers.
  • Follow a simple personal development cycle.
  • Understand how diversity and difference can be used to fuel achievement.
  • Improved productivity within the workplace.
  • Staff with clarity of purpose and enthusiasm to achieve.
  • Improved performance from individuals and teams.
  • A more dynamic, adaptive approach from individuals and teams.
  • Research into how successful organisations operate.
  • How to create open supportive environments where everyone will thrive.
  • Creating synergy and effortless action.
  • Ways to save time.
  • The power of yet.
  • Playing one game only, Win-Win.

Pre and post assessments.