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COVID-19 Necessity for Companies to have a Plan in Place

COVID 19 Company Plan Ireland

Is your business ready to reopen? Do you have a plan in place to protect your employees and your customers, as well as ensuring your viability following the COVID-19 crisis?

As Ireland comes to terms with the human cost associated with COVID-19 we are also starting to focus on the next challenge: the economy. There is no doubt that the current seven week shut down, including five weeks of lock down, is an absolute necessity. However, it is now essential to assess the impact of the shutdown and put in place measures for a reopening of workplaces. The reopening of society will be gradual, the reverse of the stages taken at the outset of the pandemic, and the current projected date for the gradual opening up to begin is the 5th May. Where we will see a gradual opening up of businesses, we will see strict operating parameters in place – social distancing, hygiene precautions, reporting procedures, travel arrangements and contact tracing procedures. 

Companies hoping to reopen on this date will be required to have to a COVID-19 plan in place. Plans will need to detail the procedures that have been put in place to ensure full compliance with HSE requirements. In addition, companies will be required to nominate a person responsible for the implementation of this plan and to ensure the plan is updated where necessary.

Since the initial shut down, ASM has worked with several companies in developing plans for their workplaces. If you need assistance in reviewing your workplace and ensuring that your current plans are compliant with requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact ASM on 01 234 3724 / 021 2409072  or info@asmgroup.ie.