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Who needs first aid training and why do a first aid course? [Ireland]

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Picture the scene: it’s a normal day at work, you are powering through your tasks and thinking about your plans for the evening. Then – an accident happens. Somebody is badly hurt, you are panicked, and the worst thing is – you have no idea what to do. After calling the emergency services, you wait and watch while the situation deteriorates.

Now imagine the same situation, but with one key difference: you have completed your first aid training. Despite being scared and distressed, you nonetheless keep calm, knowing you are helping. When the emergency services arrive, they tell you how much you have helped, and how much worse it would have been if nobody had been able to take immediate action.

While everyone likes to think it will never happen to them, every year the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) records thousands of workplace injuries. In 2019 (the last full year of records before statistics are impacted by pandemic restrictions), there were 9358 non-fatal injuries, and 47 fatal accidents, reported to the Authority. First Aid is the initial assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening and promote chances of recovery. It is the key to better outcomes for everyone when accidents and injuries happen.

Who needs first aid training?

Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone, anywhere. In the workplace, they are relatively common. As such, first aid training is a valuable tool for anyone and everyone. As an employee, the best way to empower yourself against accidents, and to ensure the best possible outcomes when accidents do happen, is to keep up to date with your first aid training.

First aid training is of huge benefit to employers as well. Injuries mean bad publicity for your company, and time off for your employees. This decreases productivity, and potentially gives rise to huge legal fees should you be found in any way negligent in the care of your workforce. Ensuring as many employees as possible receive comprehensive first aid training is the most effective way to mitigate the impacts of the accidents that do inevitably happen in every workplace.

First aid training is for everyone

While some roles come with more responsibility than others, anyone who wants to help make their work environment safer should be offered the chance to complete first aid training. From an employee’s perspective, not only does it offer the immediate practical advantage of knowing what to do in an emergency, but first aid training also looks great on your C.V., boosting your qualifications and your confidence. Whatever your role within a business, you could be present at the scene of an accident or a colleague could be taken ill, so rather than rely on others to know what to do, empower yourself by completing a first aid course. Whether you are the CEO or just starting out on the career ladder, you can benefit from attending first aid training.

Why do a first aid course?

At ASM Group, we provide first aid training in Cork. Our courses are Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) certified, which is the recognised standard for occupational first aid in Ireland. If you would like to help create a healthier, happier workplace; improve your confidence; feel empowered to deal with difficult situations; improve the productivity and morale of your workplace; or simply want to ensure you are in the best position to help when an accident or injury occurs, then complete a first aid course with ASM today.