Completing your first aid training is a big achievement, and one you may feel pleased to tick off your To Do list. But before you assume it is done and you need not think about it anymore, you should check how long your certification will last. Here at ASM Group, we are experts in all things health and safety. Our first aid courses empower employees and employers alike to feel confident in the emergency medical skills of their workforce. This is our guide to how long a first aid training certificate lasts in Ireland, and when you might need to book on to a refresher course.

How long does first aid certification last?

At ASM Group, our PHECC certified first aid certificates last two years. In Ireland, in order to be a qualified first aid responder, you are required to refresh your skills every two years. When it becomes time to refresh your first aid certificate, you don’t need to take the full beginners first aid course again, but can instead take the refresher course, which is tailored to those who already have a grounding in first aid knowledge.

Other types of first aid course

It is worth being aware that there are different types of first aid certification, and that these can have different expiry dates. Your workplace may have specific requirements which may mean your employer chooses to send you on a specific type of first aid course, such as one specialising in the use of an AED defibrillator, or one that gives you specific knowledge about paediatric first aid at work. Your employer’s first aid needs assessment will take in the number of employees, the level and types of risk in your workplace, and the overall health of the workforce. This will help them determine what type of first aid qualification you need to obtain.

Do I need a first aid certificate?

First aid certificates are a requirement for anyone who is named as the official first aider in their workplace. However, first aid qualifications are a good idea for everyone. They give you the knowledge to know how to act for the best in the event of an accident. This can drastically improve outcomes for all involved, as swift and correctly applied medical knowledge is the best remedy for injuries. Having a first aid certificate can also improve your confidence in the workplace, as you will feel well equipped to deal with whatever happens.

Why do first aid certificates expire?

It may seem like a frustrating technicality that your first aid certificate needs refreshing, but it is an important part of ensuring everyone stays safe. As you will not use your first aid skills on a regular basis, it is unlikely that you will remember all the information in enough detail to remain safe. If you become a bit hazy on the details of what to do in the event of someone choking or needing CPR, your first aid skills will not be up to the task of managing in an emergency. Taking a first aid refresher course every two years enables you to maintain a high level of knowledge that you will easily be able to recall when needed, even though you don’t have cause to use it that often.

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