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Why first aid training is important in the workplace [Ireland]

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Whether you are an employer or an employee, being required to attend first aid training means taking time out of your busy working day. You might feel that it is a distraction from your job, that it is lowering your productivity, or that it is even wasting your time. But workplace accidents are a serious concern, with negative health implications for those affected and disastrous financial consequences for companies. At ASM, we provide first class first aid training for the workplace. Here’s why it is important, for everyone.

When you are relaxed into your daily routine, it can seem unthinkable that an accident could occur. But accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. It is both a legal and moral responsibility for employers to look after the health and safety of their workers whilst in the workplace, whilst if you are an employee on the scene of an accident, you want to know what to do for the best. Here are our top five reasons why first aid training is important in the workplace.

  • First aid training helps prevent worse outcomes

If all those at the scene of an accident know the correct medical response, and can act straightaway, the severity of any injuries suffered is likely to be reduced. Prompt medical action is the best way to mitigate the effects of an accident.

  • First aid training reduces the number of accidents and deaths

First aid training encourages employees to be safety conscious, helping to limit the number of accidents that occur. Deaths are also less likely, as those who have been trained will know how to help in the event of common causes of death, such as choking or poisoning. With many workplace deaths being preventable, first aid training is an essential investment.

  • First aid training encourages better morale

Employees who know their employer cares enough about their welfare to invest in first aid training will feel more positive about their jobs, and more confident in their roles. First aid training can be seen as a great team building exercise, as it fosters a sense of community and of each employee caring for those around them.

  • First aid training is an asset to your organisation

Reputable first aid training helps to maintain a positive perception of a company’s brand, as well as maintaining an employer’s legal obligation to look after the health and safety of employees. Employees who know their employer cares about them will be more productive, and less prone to absenteeism. The company will function in a more unified way, with lower staff turnover and an improved company image.

  • First aid training improves productivity

When employees are absent due to accidents, it costs employers a lot of money. It reduces productivity, and there are also sick pay bills and even legal fees, if there is any question of liability for the accident. First aid training makes solid financial, as well as moral, sense, for both employers and employees.

If you are searching for professional first aid training or health and safety consultancy for your business or workplace, look to ASM Group. Our team of qualified consultants can provide a complete range of high quality services, from risk assessment and overseeing business compliance with health and safety regulations; to staff safety training in the workplace, on location, or for safe equipment use. Our training courses equip your colleagues with the knowledge to maintain these health and safety fundamentals without requiring external help. To get all the benefits of professional first aid training in Cork for your team, get in touch with ASM Group today.