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The Benefits of Refresher Courses for Health and Safety Training

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There are risks to be assessed and managed in any workplace, and the chances are you will have attended some form of health and safety training during your employment. But the importance of keeping your training up to date is often underestimated. From changes in policy to advances in technology, health and safety best practice is an evolving field, and in order to ensure the highest standards for yourself and your colleagues, it’s vital to keep your training current.

However, starting from the very beginning on your health and safety course can feel like too great a time commitment, or a frustrating repetition of information you already know. Instead, a refresher course could be the answer.

What is a refresher course?

Designed especially for those who have previously completed the full course equivalent, a refresher course is the perfect way to ensure your health and safety knowledge is current, and you are in the best position to act in the event of accident or emergency.

Assuming each participant has previously completed the full course, a refresher course is a way of reminding everyone of the key information in a concise and user friendly manner.

Refresher courses are put together with an awareness that attendees are taking time out of their busy working schedule. They focus on efficiently and effectively imparting the key information, making sure new developments are clear, and attendees are confident in foundational basics without spending too much time covering old ground.


What are the benefits of taking a refresher course?

  • Ensures your qualifications are up to date and you are therefore legally allowed to work.
  • It’s a fast and efficient way to remind yourself of key health and safety principles.
  • It keeps yourself and your colleagues safer by having the latest knowledge.
  • It demonstrates to colleagues and employers that you are willing to learn and improve.
  • It’s great for the C.V.


What are the requirements for taking a refresher course?

It’s important to note that only those who have already completed the full course equivalent will be able to take part in a refresher course. Depending on the course being refreshed, participants will generally need to show proof of completion of a beginner/foundational course by providing their existing certificate and their original certificate may need to be in date to be eligible for a refresher.

Who are refresher courses especially useful for?

Those who work in environments with particular safety hazards must be especially attentive to the health and safety requirements of their workplace. Refresher courses will be an essential part of making sure they are properly qualified to work on site, as well as vital to the safety of themselves and their colleagues.

If you work in a specialist environment such as construction, it is a legal requirement to make sure your health and safety qualifications remain current. Here’s the ASM Group guide to four refresher courses you should consider taking.


The ASM Group IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Course

Who is it for?

This IOSH Managing Safely refresher course is suitable for anyone who has previously received an IOSH Managing Safely certificate and has an IOSH certificate number.

What does it cover?

In just one day, the course will remind attendees of the information they previously learned during the IOSH Managing Safely course. This centres on the duties and responsibilities of workplace managers with respect to health and safety.

In addition, it will provide essential updates to key elements of the course, cover any new legislation of relevance, and give information on key developments regarding health and safety in the workplace.


The ASM Group IOSH Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Site Managers Refresher Course

Who is it for?

This refresher course is open to anyone who has previously received an IOSH Managing Safely in Construction, a Managing Safely for Construction Managers or a Safety, Health & Environment for Construction Site Managers Certificate and has an IOSH Certificate Number.

What does it cover?

This two day IOSH SHE for Construction Site Managers Refreshers course provides construction site managers with the tools necessary to meet their responsibilities and challenges, and in addition to recognise the opportunities that a clear focus on safety, health and the environment can give to a construction project.

Course attendees will be reminded of their duties with regard to health and safety, as well as best practice for assessing and controlling risks in construction. It will cover investigating accidents and incidents in construction as well as measuring performance.


The ASM Group First Aid Responder Refresher Training

Who is it for?

One of the most important health and safety courses out there, the First Aid Responder Refresher training is specifically designed for existing First Aid Responders who are required to refresh their first aid skills every two years.

What does it cover?

On completion of this two day course, the First Aid Responder will have refreshed their practical skills, knowledge on how to give effective life support, how to diagnose and treat injuries or illness, and maintain the care and comfort of a patient until the arrival of emergency medical services. This course also includes refresher training in the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).


The ASM Group Forklift Truck Refresher Training Course

Who is it for?

The Forklift Truck Refresher Course is for anyone who is required to hold a certification for driving and operating forklift trucks. In order to maintain a safe standard of operation, forklift truck drivers are regularly required to refresh their skills and demonstrate that they have the health and safety knowledge to use the forklift safely in the workplace environment.

What does it cover?

This course refreshes the participant’s knowledge on all aspects of health and safety relating to the operation of a forklift truck. This includes forklift truck inspections and care, correct operating technique, how to assess a load for safety, safe parking and stopping, use of attachments, performing manoeuvres, and undercutting.


Are you looking for health and safety refresher courses in Ireland?

Whether you need to update a qualification to be eligible for a new job, or you want to improve the health and wellbeing of your current workplace, health and safety refresher courses are a great career move as well as an investment in your working environment.

If you’re looking for the highest quality health and safety education in Ireland, look to ASM Group. Our friendly team of experts teach both in person and online, providing you with the knowledge you need to keep your workplace healthy and happy.